Clinical Informatics: 最新精选论文 2023-12-18


Applied Clinical Informatics

POINT: Pipeline for Offline Conversion and Integration of Geocodes and Neighborhood Data

Guo et al.


Geocoding, the process of converting addresses into precise geographic coordinates, allows researchers and health systems to obtain neighborhood-level estimates of social determinants of health. This information supports opportunities to personalize care and interventions for individual patients based on the environments where they live. We developed an integrated offline geocoding pipeline to streamline the process of obtaining address-based variables, which can be integrated into existing data processing pipelines.

Methods of Information in Medicine

Prehospital Cardiac Arrest Should be Considered When Evaluating Coronavirus Disease 2019 Mortality in the United States

Nick Williams


Public health emergencies leave little time to develop novel surveillance efforts. Understanding which preexisting clinical datasets are fit for surveillance use is of high value. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) offers a natural applied informatics experiment to understand the fitness of clinical datasets for use in disease surveillance.

ACI Open

Patient, Caregiver, and Clinician Experience with a Technologically Enabled Pillbox: A Qualitative Study

Shannon et al.


As part of a study to assess whether a technologically enabled pillbox prescribed to patients at hospital discharge can improve medication safety, we sought to assess participant experiences with the intervention.