Ultrasound International Open - Spotlight Your Science 2023-12-17

Ultrasound International Open是一本享有盛誉的超声学领域的期刊,致力于推动超声成像及其在医疗保健领域的应用。

本刊提供严格的同行评审和高标准的编辑,确保出版高质量的科学研究,并在超声领域产生持久的影响。 欢迎加入全球研究人员社区,与广大受众分享您的见解。 

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Structured Reporting of Head and Neck Sonography Achieves Substantial Interrater Reliability

Ernst BP et al.

Purpose Ultrasound examinations are often criticized for having higher examiner dependency compared to other imaging techniques. Compared to free-text reporting, structured reporting (SR) of head and neck sonography (HNS) achieves superior time efficiency as well as report quality. However, there are no findings concerning the influence of SR on the interrater reliability (IRR) of HNS.

Materials and Methods Typical pathologies (n=4) in HNS were documented by video/images by two certified head and neck ultrasound instructors. Consequently, structured reports of these videos/images were created by n=9 senior physicians at departments of otolaryngology or maxillofacial surgery with DEGUM instructors on staff. Reports (n=36) were evaluated regarding overall completeness and IRR. Additionally, user satisfaction was assessed by a visual analog scale (VAS).

Results SR yielded very high report completeness (91.8%) in all four cases with a substantial IRR (Fleiss‘ κ 0.73). Interrater agreement was high at 87.2% with very good user satisfaction (VAS 8.6).

Conclusion SR has the potential to ensure high-quality examination reports with substantial comparability and very high user satisfaction. Furthermore, big data collection and analysis are facilitated by SR. Therefore, process quality, workflow, and scientific output are potentially enhanced by SR.

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