Spotlight Your Science - Methods of Information in Medicine 2023-09-27

Methods of Information in Medicine是研究人员、专家和从业人员公认的首选资源,是健康信息学领域享有盛誉且久负盛名的期刊。

本刊对信息学和研究的关注确保作者可以瞄准对医疗保健进步感兴趣的相关受众。 凭借其严格的同行评审流程和在信誉良好的数据库中的高知名度,在本刊发表论文可提高在科学界的认可度和影响力。

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Methods of Information in Medicine

Original Article

Prehospital Cardiac Arrest Should be Considered When Evaluating Coronavirus Disease 2019 Mortality in the United States

Nick Williams


Fig. 1 The weekly event volume by event type. The upper right line graphs describe the per member per weekly occurrence of qualifying diagnostic codes on identifiable Medicare claims. COVID-19 (red), influenza (green), and respiratory infection codes (blue) are featured. The bottom right figures show the Excess Deaths (Red) and Observed Deaths (Blue) from which excess deaths are learned in the CDC excess mortality model. The upper left region describes the NEMSIS series with cardiac arrest after EMS arrival (Red), cardiac arrest prior (Brown), total calls (Green), calls without cardiac arrest (Blue) and calls with arrests (Purple). The lower left shows the all-cause mortality multiple cause of death certificate volumes (Red) and volumes where the primary (Green) and secondary causes of death (Green) were COVID-19. The x-axis is the study week, and the y-axis is the volume for all figures.