Thieme Chemistry | 9月有机化学内容精选 2023-09-22

Thieme Chemistry最新一期的精选内容来了,不要错过有机化学领域正在发生的精彩内容。


Issue 17 / 2023  >

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Synthesis of Stable Neutral Homoaromatic Hydrocarbons

Austin D. Marchese, Bijan Mirabi, Mark Lautens

Synthesis of Stable Neutral Homoaromatic Hydrocarbons.gif

Synthesis and Evaluation of Fluorous-Tagged and Polystyrene-Supported Precursors for Fluoro-benziodoxole

Léanne Racicot, John F. Valliant, Graham K. Murphy

Synthesis and Evaluation of Fluorous.gif


Issue 14 / 2023  >

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New Synthetic Approach to Protulactone A and Structural Analogues

Jovana Francuz, Sanja Djokić, Mirjana Popsavin, Marko V. Rodić, Vesna Kojić, Biljana Krüger, Velimir Popsavin

New Synthetic Approach to Protulactone.jpg

Boronic Acids and Their Derivatives as Continuous-Flow-Friendly Alkyl Radical Precursors

Monica Oliva, Viktoriia V. Chernobrovkina, Erik V. Van der Eycken, Upendra Kumar Sharma



Issue 3 / 2023  >

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Synthesis of the Key Saccharide Fragments of the Glucuronic Acid-Containing Repeat Unit of Pentosan Polysulfate, a Heparin Sulfate Mimetic

Martin G. Banwell, Sarah Marshall, Jas S. Ward, Brett D. Schwartz

Synthesis of the Key Saccharide.gif

Organic Materials

Issue 2 / 2023  >

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Multi-Functionalization of Solid Support via Zn(II)-Mediated Chirality-Directed Self-Assembly

Max S. Overshiner, Shuyuan Tian, Kegan B. Morrow, Jailyn R. Wendt, John Zhou, Hannah M. Briggs, Gerardo B. Márquez, Kathleen V. Kilway, Shin A. Moteki

Multi-Functionalization of Solid Support.jpg


Issue 9 / 2023 >

Synfact of the Month

Photocatalytic Radical Alkene Hydrogenation by Phosphine-Mediated Water Activation

Original article by  Zhang J, Mück-Lichtenfeld C, Studer A.

Selected by Benjamin ListLuc M. Debie



Young Career Focus: Dr. Manuel Nappi

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Call for papers

SYNTHESIS Special Topics

  • Emerging Trends in Glycoscience

  • Synthetic Development of Key Intermediates and APIs

  • Advances in Skeletal Editing and Rearrangement Reactions

  • Electrochemical Organic Synthesis

  • Honoring Prof. Guoqiang Lin's Contributions to the Organic Chemistry

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SYNLETT Clusters

  • Special Issue Honoring Masahiro Murakami’s Contributions to Science

  • Biomimetic Synthesis

  • Modern Boron Chemistry: 60 Years of the Matteson Reaction

  • 11th Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-11)

  • Natural Product Synthesis

  • Functional Dyes

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  • Electrochemical Organic Synthesis

  • Click Chemistry and Drug Discovery

  • Natural Products for Pest Management

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Organic Materials

  • Organic Materials in Electronics

  • Supramolecular Optoelectronic Materials

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