SYNTHESIS Special Topic:骨架编辑和重排反应的进展 2023-12-01

SYNTHESIS Special Topic

Advances in Skeletal Editing and Rearrangement Reactions

Editor: Corinna S. Schindler
Guest Editor: Mark Levin

Aryl Annulation: A Powerful Simplifying Retrosynthetic Disconnection

Gillard, Rachel M.; Zhang, Jiajun; Steel, Richard; Wang, Jocelyn; Strull, Jessica L.; Cai, Bin; Chakraborty, Nilanjana; Boger, Dale L.

Aryl Annulation.gif

Dealkenylative Functionalizations: Conversion of Alkene C(sp3)–C(sp2) Bonds into C(sp3)–X Bonds via Redox-Based Radical Processes

Dehnert, Brady W.; Dworkin, Jeremy H.; Kwon, Ohyun

Dealkenylative Functionalizations.gif

Recent Advances in the Dearomative Skeletal Editing of Mono-azaarenes

Zhang, Pengke; Hua, Lin; Takahashi, Tamotsu; Jin, Shengnan; Wang, Qilin

Recent Advances in the Dearomative Skeletal Editing of Mono-azaarenes.gif

Palladium-Catalyzed Unimolecular Fragment Coupling of N-Allylamides Bearing a Tethered Nucleophile with the Translocation of an Amide Group

Shimazumi, Ryoma; Kodama, Takuya; Tobisu, Mamoru

Palladium-Catalyzed Unimolecular Fragment Coupling.gif

Recent Applications of Ammonium Ylide Based [2,3]-Sigmatropic and [1,2]-Stevens Rearrangements To Transform Amines into Natural Products

Schwartz, Zachary; Valiton, Chelsea; Lovasz, Myles; Roberts, Andrew G.

Recent Applications of Ammonium Ylide Based.gif

Concise Total Synthesis of Complanadine A Enabled by Pyrrole-to-Pyridine Molecular Editing

Martin, Brandon S.; Ma, Donghui; Saito, Takeru; Gallagher, Katelyn S.; Dai, Mingji

Concise Total Synthesis of Complanadine A Enabled.gif