重新审视骨骼 - 诊断策略和具体实体 2023-11-06

Bone Revisited

Diagnostic Strategies and Specific Entities

Guest Editor, Anne Cotten, MD, PhD

肌肉骨骼影像学会 (The Society of Musculoskeletal Imaging, SIMS) 是一个法语多学科科学学会,拥有1400多名会员。 它提供广泛的全年培训,如每年平均吸引来自 15 个国家的 850 名参与者的肌肉骨骼 (MSK) 放射科医生年会、每年一次的 MSK 超声检查周以及每年两次在法国或法国国外举办的超声检查研讨会。 该学会还在法国放射学会年会上运行专门的 MSK成像项目,并在法国放射教师学院为住院医师提供 MSK 成像培训。


SIMS还积极参与出版工作,每年出版一次的期刊Gel-Contact,专门介绍 MSK 超声检查的最先进实践,并出版年会上精选的讲座集。 今年会议的主题是“骨头”。 将本次会议选定的一些论文汇集成本期专题中似乎是有意义的。 我们希望您对这些主题的选择感兴趣,并代表SIMS评选委员会祝您阅读愉快。

Review Article

Bone and Chronic Kidney Disease

Marie-Hélène Lafage-Proust 

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) induces mineral and bone disorders (CKD-MBD) that affect calcium and phosphate metabolism. This review links pathophysiology, histologic aspects, and radiologic signs. CKD leads to bone lesions, namely renal osteodystrophy, which may combine low or high bone remodeling, impaired mineralization, and bone loss. CKD-MBD also comprises vascular calcifications, which, together with bone disease, lead to a high risk of cardiovascular events and osteoporotic fractures that increase both morbidity and mortality. Osteoporosis assessment is based on screening for classic risk factors and CKD-related factors (disease duration/severity, transplantation history, dialysis vintage). Treatment of mineral disorders may combine serum phosphate lowering drugs, natural vitamin D or its 1-α derivatives, or calcium-sensing receptor agonists. Treatment of osteoporosis is conventional in mild to moderate stages but more complex in severe CKD because evidence about the efficacy and safety of anti-osteoporosis drugs is scant.


Review Article

Paget's Disease or Densifying Metastasis: How to Sort It Out

Marie Faruch Bilfeld, Franck Lapègue, Hélène Chiavassa Gandois,Céline Goumarre, Constance Lambeaux, Elorie Adamski, Antoine Fillole, Nicolas Sans

Although the prevalence of Paget's disease has decreased over the past 20 years, incidental discovery on imaging is not unusual. The challenge is to establish the diagnosis, especially in unusual forms that may be mistaken for metastases. This review describes the typical imaging features of Paget's disease and some rare presentations that may be more difficult to recognize.