显微外科基础:基于经过验证的腹腔镜教育方法的新型模拟课程 2023-09-25

Issue 08 · Volume 39 · October 2023


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Original Article

Fundamentals of Microsurgery: A Novel Simulation Curriculum Based on Validated Laparoscopic Education Approaches

Ruvi Chauhan, Christopher Ingersol, William A. Wooden, Gayle M. Gordillo, Dimitrios Stefanidis, Aladdin H. Hassanein, Mary E. Lester

Microsurgical techniques have a steep learning curve. The authors adapted validated surgical approaches to develop a novel, competency-based microsurgical simulation curriculum called Fundamentals of Microsurgery (FMS). The purpose of this study is to present the authors' experience with FMS and quantify the effect of the curriculum on resident performance in the operating room.

Video 1 Compilation of tasks one through five performed in order of completion.