Sports Medicine International Open:大学生运动员围手术期管理 2023-09-24

Sports Medicine International Open是一本在运动医学领域享有盛誉的期刊,确保作者的研究覆盖广泛的受众并获得较高的知名度。本刊期刊遵循严格的同行评审程序,保证所发表论文的质量和科学严谨性。

Sports Medicine International Open是一本开放获取期刊,这意味着全世界的读者都可以免费获取论文,从而最大限度地提高作者研究的潜在影响和传播。欢迎投稿。

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Perioperative Management in the Collegiate Athlete: An Integrated Approach

Rugg CM et al.

Collegiate athletes face rigorous physical, academic, and emotional demands. While significant attention has been paid to injury prevention among young athletes in the past two decades, orthopedic injury rates remain high among collegiate athletes, and a significant number will undergo surgical management for injuries each year. In this narrative review, we describe techniques for perioperative management of pain and stress after surgery in collegiate athletes. In particular, we outline pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management of surgical pain, with a goal of minimizing opiate consumption. We emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to optimizing post-operative recovery in collegiate athletes help minimize reliance on opiate pain medication. Additionally, we recommend that institutional resources should be harnessed to support athletes in their well-being, from a nutritional, psychological and sleep standpoint. Critical to success in perioperative pain management is the communication among the athletic medicine team members and with the athlete and family to address pain and stress management and encourage timely, safe return to play.

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