The Surgery Journal | 斯基恩腺大囊肿:罕见的会阴肿块 2023-09-10

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Case Report

Large Cyst of Skene Gland: A Rare Perineum Mass

Tzelepis et al.

Objective In this report we present a rare case of a large cyst of Skene gland in a female patient with a palpable vaginal mass persisting for at least 2 years.

Case Report A 67-year-old female admitted to the department of urology due to the presence of “a vaginal mass” for the past 2 years. A cyst of Skene's duct was suspected based on clinical manifestation and findings of magnetic resonance imaging showing an extensive cyst formation in the upper vaginal area and anterior to the urethra. Based on these findings, a decision for surgical removement of the cyst was made. The cyst was incised, drained, and marsupialized. The postoperative recovery was uneventful, and the patient was discharged on the second postoperative day.

Conclusion High clinical suspicion is important to reach this rare diagnosis. Partial excision and marsupialization of the cyst is a simple procedure with low morbidity, without recurrence, and excellent results.

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